Battleshed Diaries

The Diabolist's Scheme Frostgrave mini-campaign

The Diabolist's Scheme is a free, four-part mini campaign by Cory Ring and Chris Ward from Cigar Box Battle, purveyors of high quality gaming mats and other gaming delights. The campaign can be found in the downloads section.

Campaign summary and battle reports

"Imps, and minor demons have been seen roaming through parts of the city in the old merchants quarter. These types of demonic creatures don't normally venture out so brazenly and they have been creating havoc, killing adventurers and seeking magical treasure. There have been strange blue lights spotted coming from an old tower near the old Merchants Quarter, and this has been the area of highest Imp and demon concentration. This is a perfect opportunity for two brave party's of adventurers to seek out and slay the demons, investigate what is happening, and claim treasure and magic items beyond belief. In the ruins the adventurers discover a wounded captain who describes a horrible demon attack that killed all of his wizard’s party and left him for dead. The mortally wounded soldier tells them that his party was searching the ruins for a map leading to an ancient wizard’s tower, rumoured to contain vast treasure and tomes of knowledge. The wounded captain dies immediately after telling his tale."


Scenario One: The Discovery Battle report

The competing Wizard's and their retinue have been drawn deeper into the heart of the city, either by following the map, tracking the other party or by the lure of the pure magical energy disruption emitting from the ground in this part of Felstad. It is as if the ground is breathing. They eventually discover the location of the ancient Wizard's Tower, and its current resident - the frost giant, Svanfus.


Scenario Two: The Wizard's Tower Battle report  

After the encounter at the Wizard's Tower, a small number of cultists are seen nearby with a minor demon in their midst. They can be heard calling for Svanfus, but as they discover the presence of the two adventuring warbands and the carnage around the tower they decide to retreat. They swiftly escape before the adventures can close and engage, melting away into Felstad's shadowy ruins. The cultists's trail is easily tracked by the adventurers, leading to the entrance of a small cavern on the side of a wooded hill.

Scenario Three: The Caverns Battle report

The cultists retreat through a locked trap door in a hidden chamber within the dark caverns, back to their master. Deep beneath the Frozen City, the self-proclaimed necromancer Tezert the Diabolist has taken over an ancient dungeon, that ages ago served a noble castle and king. Tessera has become bored with his undead minions and has begun dabbling in even darker, more dangerous Arts in his quest for power and immortality.


Scenario Four: The Dungeon Battle report part 1

The intrepid adventurers are exploring the dungeon and finding its inhabitants rather less than welcoming. Enchanter Cornelius' party are battling a hulking Zombie Troll. Magi Bayaz and his apprentice Lancrix the Tall are locked in a deadly combat with a Frost Wraith whilst Red Hat and Curnden Craw are fighting ghouls! The last room in the dungeon is still to be explored... 


Scenario Four: The Dungeon Battle report part 2

This conclusion to the Diabolist's Scheme.

Enchanter Cornelius and Magi Bayaz have led their valiant warbands through the icy ruins of Felstad, following the trail left by a dying captain. They’ve discovered treasures and fought many fell creatures and monsters - amongst a crumbling Wizard’s Tower, in deep caverns and finally facing a Dread Necromancer at the heart of a vast dungeon.

Thanks to my good gaming buddy and campaign opponent, Sam Pate of Wee Blokes, for yet another thoroughly enjoyable miniature adventure. Sam intends to keep his warband, led by the experienced Wizard Cornelius, ready and prepared for new adventures. Sadly, Magi Bayaz will lie entombed in Felstad for evermore. Now its Lancrix the Tall’s time to honour Bayaz’s memory...

The Rosters

Magi Bayaz Spells
Elementalist school: Elemental Bolt (-1 to cast), Wall, Elemental Shield
Aligned school: Decay, Bind Demon, Telekinesis
Neutral schools: Forget Spell, Banish
Enchanter Cornelius
Enchanter school: Enchant Weapon, Enchant Armour (7 to cast), Telekinesis
Aligned school: Push, Elemental Hammer, Fog
Neutral schools: Awareness, Heal
Level: 3, XP: 50 (net)
Move 6, Fight +4, Shoot +0, Armour 10, Will +4, Health 14
Level: 3, XP: 20
Move 6, Fight +3, Shoot +0, Armour 10, Will +4, Health 15
Staff, 1x Potion of Healing, Robe of Arrow Turning, 1x Plane Walk scroll, 1x Petrify scroll
Staff, 1x Fast Act Grimoire
Company Inventory
0 gold crowns (net), 3x Scrolls (Planar Tear, Plane Walk, Petrify), 0 Grimoires
Company Inventory
60 gold crowns, Invisibility Grimoire.
Laboratory (+20 XP post game)
Inn (increases warband size)
Apprentice: Lancrix the Tall (Staff, 1x potion of healing, 1x Planar Tear scroll)

Ranger: Ferro Maljin (1x explosive cocktail)
Archer: 'The Dogman'
Infantryman: Caul Shivers
Thugs: Logen Ninefingers, Curnden Craw, Red Hat, Black Dow and Nicomo Cosca.
Apprentice: Angus "Jamie" Jamison

Knight of No Name
Infantryman: Lennox
Thugs x 4
Scenario Rewards / Spends
  1. The Discovery: Rewards, +60 XP, 150 gc, Establishes a Laboratory (+20 XP after each game) Spends, 150gc on potions (2 Potion of Healing, 1 Potion of Invisibility)
  2. The Wizard’s Tower: Rewards, 160 XP + 20 XP from Lab. Spends, Wizard +1 level and improved Fight stat to +3. Wounds, Black Dow (Thug - seriously, he really is) badly injured, misses fight.
  3. The Caverns: Rewards, +170 XP (inc. +20 from laboratory), 50 gc, 3 scrolls, Robe of Arrow Turning. Spends, Magi Bayaz goes up 2 levels for 50 net XP choosing to increase his Fight to + 4 and Elemental Bolt to cast at -1. His potion of invisibility was used up by Red Hat in the caverns. 50gc spent on a potion of Explosive Cocktail and given to Ferro.
  4. The Dungeon: Rewards, 130 XP (no longer applicable for Magi Bayaz), Post battle Deaths/Injuries, Wizard Magi Bayaz, Archer Dogman
Scenario Rewards / Spends
  1. The Discovery, Rewards: 120 XP, 60 gc, 1x Invisibility Grimoire. Spends: 100 XP (to level 1), inceasing Health to 15. Now based in an Inn which increased force size to 11.
  2. The Wizard's Tower: Rewards: 200 gc, 2x "Fast Act" grimoires, one of which is sold for 250 go, the other went in the vault.Spends: 2x Healing potions and recruited a Knight (replacement for M-A-A Duncan) and a Thug. XP to level 3 - increased Fight bonus to +3 and lowered his casting number for "Enchant Armour" by one to 7.
  3. The Caverns: (awaiting update)
  4. The Dungeon:Rewards, 265 XP, Tezert's gear - Ring of Teleportation, Robe of Arrow Turning, Sickle (+2 Damage).